Monday, October 25, 2010

OMG! Graduation dress options!

something told me to go to and I did and saw these... I don't think they're too much for graduation. Do you?

15 more days of loving...

8-my courage: I'm trying this new thing called being spontaneous ... it's a little hard, but i'm surviving
9-my laugh: it's pretty much hilarious by its self.
10-my hair: i'm really enjoying the short hair and more i loose the more i cut off
11- my scars:  all of them aren't just about painful events some of them are from fun times with crazy accidents
12-my ability to be empathic and sympathetic
13- my tattoos: there's a story behind every single one
14- having the ability to laugh at myself
15- my ability to think outside of the box
16- my nose: yep it's a little big... but oh well it's my kinda big nose
17- my hands: the only physical thing i got from my mother
18-my shape: i know i'm trying to loose weight, but at least i'm pretty much proportionate
19- my thighs...somewhat
20- my voice: i know it's a little much at times... but i love it
21- my facial expressions: one word... priceless

steady shedin'

we'll i'm happy to say i'm still losing... and the 30 before Thanksgiving is going great thus far... update on weight loss in a couple of days. Unfortunately school is driving insane!!!! But I did have the chance to go out one night with one of my sisters! We compared these pictures together... and definitely saw a change! :)


Saturday, October 16, 2010

crunch time-ish.

it may be safe to say that the don't buy anything until you loose 15 pounds didn't go well... but i've dedicated myself to a new goal... 30 pounds before Christmas... but I really want most of it off by Thanksgiving.  Why these days? November and December are the two months I literally eat  a whole lot and participate in little exercise. Instead of accepting the weight gain... I've decided to fight it. 

Talk is cheap, right? It is! So, I've developed a game plan for the next two months...

1200 caloric intake
4-5 times/week exercise
drinking only allowed once a week (no girly fruity mixed drinks)
no fast food
no "pretty" drinks from Starbucks

It's not going to be easy... but it's so attainable! I'm starting Monday... wish me good luck!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

So far...7 days of loving myself the way I am

I love love love this song. In order for you to allow someone to love you... you must love yourself to the fullest, flaws and all! Here's my first seven days... getting harder and harder everyday... but that's what I'm trying to change. My perception of myself... and hopefully your perception of yourselves.
1- moles: they remind me of my grandmother... she had them all over her face.
2- eyes: I was picked on because they are smaller, but they've grown on me... && i love them.
3- spirit: i love helping others who are thankful
4- confidence:  I don't have the highest self-esteem... but I love the fact that when I feel like I look good... my confidence gets a major boost
5- my rolls: uhhh... the fact that i see them shrinking is the best thing about them!
6- complexion: in the black community, I still see skin color being a determinet of beauty.  I love the fact that i'm dark skinned... and I will embrace that FOREVER.
7- smile: its warm... but can be fake at the right times.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

loving yourself.

Remember these percentages, 54% & 78%. Now think back to when you were 13 then 17.  When you were those ages, what did you worry about the most? Was it school, significant others, work or family? I know when I was those ages those were some of my concerns, but I worried most about my appearance.  Fifty-four percent of girls 13 years old, are unhappy with their bodies; 78 percent of young ladies 17 years old are unhappy with their bodies. Do you still a problem here? I definitely do... so for the next 60 days, I'm going to write down something I love about myself.  I'm going to have to force myself...but i'm sure there is at least 60 things I love about myself :)