Friday, August 20, 2010

Goodbye 50 pounds... I never want to see you again

Last summer, I was tipping the 300lb+ scale... which is ridiculously unhealthy ... this morning I was 251... its feels good to say that. I will reflect on my experience later this weekend today I have to celebrate

Monday, August 16, 2010

ugghhh. my deadline is FRIDAY!

OMGeee I'm so excited, nervous, anxious, &&& insanely obsessed with my last weigh in.  Let's look at my wins over these last few months:  I've lost at least an entire pant size (tight 22 to nice 20)!!! (I squeezed into a 18 at work saturday & almost cried... ) I'm trying to loose those 10 pounds so I can get in them comfortably... this week, but that would be CRAZY && UNHEALTHY... my shirt sizes still vary because I'm so top heavy... but I have dropped a shirt size.  Nowwww... my opportunities... I feel like I would've had more success if I exercised more...but this process is all about PROGRESS... &&& this process has truly been life changing.

Well Friday we'll see how far I've came... && I'm celebrating with one of my besties!!! :))) pics coming soon.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted"

Do you remember this video? I wonder what happened to it? Probably in a vault, safe away from public along with Tyra Banks "Kiss my fat A**" episode.

I have given up on changing other's perception of beauty until... three days ago a little girl said "look mom she's so pretty" && she was pointing at me.  For the first time in my life, I thought I was going to cry from that comment.  The little girl had to be at least three; At three, I was surrounded by Barbies, dolls, & movies that showed me one type of beauty.  The fact that she is surrounded by those same influences and more and she still has ability to define what's beautiful in her eyes, shows me we are somewhat growing as a society. In that moment, I really thought to myself "yes, my children won't be as screwed up as I thought they would be."

My Sweet Chaotic Life

These last couple of weeks have been HELL for me;; but really bittersweet. I've moved into my very own apartment, which was a giant step for me. Also work has been insane, but luckily my district and regional managers had the chance to see me step up to a challenge.  Now that the craziness is over, I finally have time to give you an update on my progress(?). 

With me moving &&& working crazy hours these last weeks... I haven't been able to see what's out there in the world of retail (except at LB and online).  With the fall lines coming in the stores, I'm super excited to see what new favorites I will be adding to my forever expanding closet. 

The 5 Trends I will be stalking for this upcoming Fall season:

1. deep BOLD hues--> I LOVE this dress from jibri

2. Menswear Inspired Suits

3.  Bringing the Fifties Back---> this with a full skirt <333 (Dorothy Perkins)

4. GOLD -- instead of the normal beige neutrals... gold accents will brighten up my gloomy fall days

5. Long over skinny -- leggings, jeggings, skinny jeans are here to stay (for now) && I'm loving how I can easily put together outfits. 

NEXT WEEK is my "final" weigh in... I wonder if I can squeeze into those size D Spanx... we shall see :)