Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Liberty London's Make-Up Box Must Haves

1. Cleanser-- It is a must have! I have very oily skin so I use a lot of products that have salicylic acid (which prevents acne) in it.  If you have sensitive skin like me you have to make sure you avoid using scrubs frequently, try foams.  (use toner & moisturizer along with the cleanser)

2.  Some kind of matte gel -- I usually use MAC matte gel (to , but recently I tried the Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel (which is $12 cheaper), the quality isn't as good as MAC's, but it still works! I only have to use more of the product.

3. Setting spray/mist-- Currently I'm trying out Sephora's Radiance Flash Spray.  It helps my make-up look more natural than "perfect." The mist helps blend everything together.

4. Bronzer-- currently using Hard Candy's.

5. Blush-- MAC's Gentle

6. Paint (eye shadow primer)-- MAC's Bamboo

7. My everything--MAC eyeshadow Palette-- I use wood winked everyday! other favorites include contrast, rice paper, & gold mine.

8. Concealer-- aka my best friend

9. eyeliner-- liquid mostly, but dark colored pencils

10. Mascara or fake lashes-- love love love fake lashes, but the up keep is a little expensive.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Latest Love--Military

In these last lovely, humid, and extreme hot months, I've been obsessing over the military fashion trend.  When I say military, I DO NOT mean literally camo from head to foot, but the colors and the cuts.  I have been in love with this Marc Jacobs ensemble ever since his Spring 2010 fashion show! I am a layer-holic, I will layer and layer until I'm about to pass out & then throw a belt on it to showcase my small waist.  Obviously, this is the reason why this outfit screamed to me.  I love the idea of the skirt, it would be gorgeous dress if it had a bodice on top, and a tad but longer.  I've also been looking for a dress the color of this jacket && finally found one, at Lane Bryant, but I have to get it cut a good 6 inches because the length isn't flattering on me at all. 

Military-inspired fashion isn't just a trend, some of the pieces are essential, and the fact that most are made in basic/neutral colors is an added bonus. For example,  a jacket can be layered as pictured above or worn with a pair jeans or shorts, screen tee, cami, or depending on how thin it is, it could be worn as a "shirt" just throw a belt on it. (watch out for proportions) 

Friday, May 21, 2010

Full Figured Fashion Week coming soon.

I'm so anxiously awaiting for the Full Figured Fashion Week. It'll be interesting to see what pieces of art will be coming down the catwalk that are actually tailored to the not so "average" woman.  I respect every designer's vision and ideas to the fullest, but they aren't always the best for women of a certain body shapes.  One designer Monif C, that my good friend put me on, will be showing her newest collection during the week. I can not wait! I feel like she (&whomever else helps her) understands a woman's body.  I love every thing she makes. Here are a few of my favorite:

I absolutely love can be use in so many different ways during the summer.--cover up, tunic, dress

One, this model's body is sick... two, I love this bathing suit! This would be perfect for those who carry most of their weight in the bottom half their body, to balance the proportion of their body out.  On her website, Monif C has several bathing suits that will flatter all types of body shapes and they're the average price of most good quality bathing suits. 

Last, but not least the Marilyn Convertible dress! I love the idea of this garment; it can be worn over 20 ways. It is available on her website in several colors, and it comes in a maxi version.  PLUS I am in love with that necklace.

To check out any of these styles go to:


As of this lovely morning seven pounds down... not to shabby, eh? The down side is I haven't been exercising like I said I would... BUT I have been doing some... you know walking to the mailbox, walking to class, etc... i'm just kidding, but I've seen the gym at least four times this week... hopefully next week will be a little better.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Closet's 10 Must-Haves

1. Great Fitting Bra--> if the girls are in the right place... that can take easily 5 pounds off your mid section.

2. SPANX (or any other kind of shape wear)--> i literally wear them everyday... smooths out those imperfections and they are actually worth the $36 b/c they can last FOREVER if they're taken care of

3. pencil skirt--> oh how I love pencil skirts! I can wear them out with friends to wearing them for an interview... I have three black ones so far... one plain jane from torrid. two from the icon collection at lane bryant...

4. Camis--> I probably have at least 40 camis and 10+ are white. I have to have them... a lot of tops i feel aren't cut long enough and they end up looking unflattering... and some tops are too low cut for work or school.

5. Cardigans/Jackets--> just because I add them to everything... screen print tees, dresses, camis, etc... they just add a little something to an outfit especially printed pretty ones...

6. Basic Dresses--> they are probably the simplest thing to throw on and start your day... most of them are knit (beware knit do mysterious ways in between some imperfections);; && they are perfect if you want to go accessory crazy.

7. L White/Black D--> myth: white makes you look bigger, black makes you appear slimmer... LIES. either can make you look smaller or bigger... if they aren't in the correct size or shape. White always reminds me of fresh & clean... && Black ALWAYS looks classic... I'm still on my search for the perfect LBD...

8. SHOES--> I tend to be a little casual when on campus so I go straight to my rainbows, but i have a need for cute & basic flats, sandals && classic heels... I love edgy shoes, but for some reason when I buy a pair, I wear them once... and in this economic time & I'm a student I need something I can wear on several occasions.

9. Classic Jeans/Pants--> you know them when you see them... they look amazing on you... and they vary depending on your body shape... wide legs ALWAYS look good on me, as long as they're not too long.

10. CONFIDENCE--> with confidence almost any outfit can be pulled off

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Size 16-- on London's Catwalk??!

The average size woman in London is a 14/16... that's interesting since the average size woman over here is roughly a 14. So French already showed us up with their Glamour cover... now London has REAL size 16s on their catwalk. We got our panties in a bunch when this commercial was denied playtime...
Watching these two videos made me start thinking about the term plus size. When I think about it... I really don't care for the term. I feel like the term is associated with a negative connotation, and honestly if I introduce myself as I plus size woman... I don't want people to see me in a negative light. How would it be if we described smaller women as heroin addict small???! I know that's a little extreme, but the moral of this story... I don't think i'll be referring to myself as plus size anymore.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Solange----> inspiration for accepting individual beauty

I can listen to Solange's Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams all and everyday... I absoulutely love the entire album. I love 60s music and it allows me to enjoy that style of the music along with lyrics that are relevant to this time. It surprises me that the album didn't do that well although, it had positive comments from critics. If you're listening to it for the first time, pretend that she's not Beyonce's sister because their style, voice, and music as a whole is completely different.

This is a picture of her with her son. I love her haircut! Women who have the balls to go this short & natural, i respect to the fullest. So many people associate beauty with characteristics that really can not be changed. It bothers me when society as a whole decides what is or what is not beautiful. For example, dark skin isn't always considered beautiful; I consider myself to have dark skin... and i love the fact that I'm truely brown when there are people who tan to get almost 1 or 2 shades lighter than me. I love the fact that one of my close friends can have short hair one week and long next && still be beautiful. Or when I see women with edgy haircuts and/or haircolor and tattoos. As I ramble along I'm realizing (which I should already know and express) that the differences in our styles, color, preferences, attitudes, smiles... basically the differences between every woman... is what makes her beautiful in her own individual way.

Beauty: the qualities that give pleasure to the senses;;

[senses: sight, taste, touch, smell, hear]

Working at Lane Bryant, I hear so many women complain about things that are out of their control and things that are in their control. Since most of these women are plus size, it usually has something to do with their bodies. It upsets me when these women aren't confident in their OWN skin. I may not love every part of my body, but I will embrace the negatives and the positives to my full potential. A lot of plus size women think that hiding under LOTS of material, makes them appear smaller. In reality, it only makes them look bigger. Or they believe in fashion myths... yes they are true in certain cases... but if you wear them correctly they can be flattering.

At the end of the day, what I may think is beautiful... isn't always beautiful to someone... so the good ole saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," is actually true. (geez, i hate cliches) The most beautiful thing about beauty is that there's no right or wrong answer, when it comes to a question about it. On the other hand, our viewpoints on beauty ulimately stem from what is social accepted. I'm lucky to have had a childhood that exposed me to different types of people,so I could have the ability to see the beauty in each person I meet. BUT i'm cursed because like many others, I allow society to skew those view points.


andre | MySpace Video

[here's solange's video for sandlecastle disco]

Day Three.

Three days into the mission to be in a Spanx size D! Hold on, let me check my pulse... Ok I have a heart rate. The eating well portion of this mission... is going great; except for the past two nights, I probably could've passed out because the after 7:30 eating schedule doesn't always work if you stay up to 2am. If I would've fainted... people probably would've thought she's pregnant rather than she's hungry as hell. On the other hand, the excercise part **pause** isn't going so great. So my vow was to invest as much time as I do getting "pretty" into becoming healthier... i'm probably investing half of that time, unless cooking time was included??!**crickets**(i tried). If I take two hours a day to get ready, I need to be excercising for two hours... my goal this week is to stick to that plan. (I may just cut down my getting ready time)---I will be doing a weigh-in sunday morning to document my progress **fingers crossed** hopefully I will see some type of result.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

French Glamour---> "Everyday" Plus Size

I get so tired of hearing... those aren't "real" plus size women, when women are referring to the women categorized in magazines and ads as plus size. Obviously, I wasn't the only one hearing these complaints (&&thinking them to myself), and French Glamour's June cover girls are "real" plus size models. From what I've seen, they aren't using the usual clean cut classic fashion choices for the models either... they are actually using items that are trendy & classic. I wish US magazines would do this! In the magazines i've seen thus far with plus size fashion, it's usually the classic imperial waist dresses, wide leg jeans & jacket, etc... Don't get me wrong classic items are a MUST, but I want to see trendy & fashion forward pieces/ideas for women who look like me. TRUST me I know everything that's trendy &/or fashion forward, isn't for everyone (for example, i wouldn't be caught dead in the harem pant nor the carrot pant trend... too short and thick-thighed for that). I just want plus size women to see that they can wear more than just this plain jane items. I can ramble on forever... so basically i'm saying THANK YOU FRENCH GLAMOUR.(&&& US mags ... take notes)

Friday, May 7, 2010

dirty little details

I'm confessing what no woman would ever do on the internet. (unless endorsed by a product) **deep breath** I'm proud to say i'm 35 pounds lighter than I was in January... therefore making me as of yesterday... 270 pounds! I can't believe I just said that... it looks worst on the screen then when i say it. Clearly, with me being 5'2ish... that's not healthy... &&& i'm not going to become a size eight over night, that's why i'm on a quest to become healthier.

Size Stats

tops/dress: 22/24sometimes larger because of my bust
pants: 22 to 24--- i have hips, thighs, && a butt (thanks to be lovely hertiage)
bra: **hold your breath** 42G--> my only hope with that is that I get down to a 40 & PRAY that my cup size will drop a little. (i thank my mom for these puppies)
spanx: E (yes my goal is a simple D... but the difference between the two sizes... is quite interesting)... **embarassing picture coming soon**

There you go! All of me... if you're looking for spanx or a bra click on the link below: <---- ok small endorsement because every woman needs a GREAT FITTING BRA & SPANX... trust me you'll love them both.&&& you can always come see me, if you're in greensboro.

Did she just say that?

hello world;;
The title of this blog probably caught you off guard, before you began to assume, please let me explain. I am manager at a Lane Bryant in Greensboro, NC and no this blog isn't going to be a promoter for their clothes, unless they pay me extra *hint hint*. Ok, back to the explanation... one of my customers and I would say an associate of mine (we'll use to be), said that me and my other co-workers and close friends were "too fat to be so pretty." Of course my first reaction was WTF! But then I realize all I could do was laugh it off... I need to remind you that she is a customer of mine... therefore, where does she shop? To be honest, she can't really shop anywhere else, if she expects the same quality. SOOOOO... because of her stupid, ignorant, no substance comment... I'm stepping up my quest to be HEALTHY... my journey begins Monday, May 10th... my goal a solid size D in SPANX!--->you'll understand as you follow.

Please don't think i'll only be crying over my struggle to lose weight, i'll be tapping into my true loves: fashion, music, and make-up.

My promise to you: investing as much time as I do in being "pretty" into being healthy. xxxooxxx