Sunday, October 10, 2010

So far...7 days of loving myself the way I am

I love love love this song. In order for you to allow someone to love you... you must love yourself to the fullest, flaws and all! Here's my first seven days... getting harder and harder everyday... but that's what I'm trying to change. My perception of myself... and hopefully your perception of yourselves.
1- moles: they remind me of my grandmother... she had them all over her face.
2- eyes: I was picked on because they are smaller, but they've grown on me... && i love them.
3- spirit: i love helping others who are thankful
4- confidence:  I don't have the highest self-esteem... but I love the fact that when I feel like I look good... my confidence gets a major boost
5- my rolls: uhhh... the fact that i see them shrinking is the best thing about them!
6- complexion: in the black community, I still see skin color being a determinet of beauty.  I love the fact that i'm dark skinned... and I will embrace that FOREVER.
7- smile: its warm... but can be fake at the right times.