Monday, October 25, 2010

15 more days of loving...

8-my courage: I'm trying this new thing called being spontaneous ... it's a little hard, but i'm surviving
9-my laugh: it's pretty much hilarious by its self.
10-my hair: i'm really enjoying the short hair and more i loose the more i cut off
11- my scars:  all of them aren't just about painful events some of them are from fun times with crazy accidents
12-my ability to be empathic and sympathetic
13- my tattoos: there's a story behind every single one
14- having the ability to laugh at myself
15- my ability to think outside of the box
16- my nose: yep it's a little big... but oh well it's my kinda big nose
17- my hands: the only physical thing i got from my mother
18-my shape: i know i'm trying to loose weight, but at least i'm pretty much proportionate
19- my thighs...somewhat
20- my voice: i know it's a little much at times... but i love it
21- my facial expressions: one word... priceless